How it works

Stemfund is a very easy to use and secure peer to peer lending platform. Peer-to-peer lending is a concept linking personal investors to borrowers looking for a quick loan to consolidate their personal finances, finance their business or really anything. Through Stemfund an investor will have the opportunity to choose specifically the person he wants to lend money to along with the rate at which he wants to lend his money. On the other side, the borrower will have the opportunity to borrow the funds he needs to consolidate his personal finances or fund his own business. As many investors can fund a loan together and are competing for the rate at which they lend, the borrower will have his loan funded very quickly and at a low rate. In order to facilitate all the money flows between the investors and the borrowers through our platform, we use bitcoins. This video below will show you what is bitcoin and the benefits of using this currency for investors and borrowers.
You can get more details about our platform here.

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