Our project

At StemFund we provide the next generation funding solution for growing companies or individuals. We bring together investors to promising businesses that need capital to develop their activity properly or to individuals who needs to consolidate their finances.

How it works

Our platform allows investors to lend money to businesses or individuals for up to 1 year. The borrower will create a loan request and publish it on our Loan Requests page. At this point, investors choose how much they want to lend in this loan auction and at which rate. When the loan is fully funded, the loan auction lasts for 1 more day. In this last phase, a bidding war between investors will happen where only the lowest rates will be kept in the loan auction. At the end of this last day, the borrower decides if he wants to accept the loan. If he does, the loan starts and investors will start receiving capital repayments and interests every week.the As any number of investors can fund a loan, loans are funded very quickly and at a low rate on our platform. You can get more details about the way our platform works here.

You need to consolidate your finances ? You are a growing business ?

You are in the right place! You can apply for as many loans as you need on Stemfund and for any amount up to 10 per loan. Repaying your loan is really easy on Stemfund: you have a bitcoin wallet on our platform where you can deposit funds whenever you want. Repayments will be automatically taken off your Stemfund wallet every week. More questions ? Look at our help section for borrowers here.

You are an investor

You feel like traditional savings and investment solutions don't provide enough and you are looking to finance the real economy while getting attractive returns - just look after the companies you like best and bid for a return!

Who we are

Co-founders have a strong financial background and figured out that alternative financing solutions represent a key solution for many individual and private investors.

StemFund Team

Joseph Assouline

Joseph Assouline


StemFund is a peer-to-peer lending platform where individuals can directly lend money to businesses of any size. StemFund has been created by people working previously in the investment banking industry and with a strong understanding of businesses financing needs.


StemFund aims to become a one stop shop for all financing needs. People using our website to make a loan currently wait less than one day to receive the bitcoins.


The lending process in banks is currently slow and completely inefficient. He is also expensive as a lot of intermediaries are involved. Because of the new regulations coming in, the banks will also have more and more difficulty to add new business loans on their balance sheet. There is clearly room for changes and improvements in this area. This change is empowered by technology and risk sharing. With the increase in bitcoins utlization, you will have the opportunity to start your business without being bank dependant in terms of fees and delay.

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